We learn best by doing and playing. Ginger creates workshops that are engaging, experiential and educational.

Description of a workshop created for Kidz 1st Parent Link Centre
Introduction to Storytelling (1/2 day)

You’ve heard storytellers spin their tales, and now you would like to join the tradition. During this workshop, you will learn basic storytelling skills. Within a very supportive environment, participate in a variety of exercises that show you that telling is not memorizing. At the end, you’ll have stories to share with the children and families with whom you work – and the confidence and inspiration to learn many more!

Description of a workshop created for Marigold Library System
“The Gunniwolf” and Other Tales for Joining In (90 minutes)

Weaving oral storytelling into your programs is both fun and practical. Young listeners will be very excited by your stories, which can be adapted for many ages. And it’s not difficult to do! During this session, you will listen to, then practice telling, two stories and some story stretches. Whether a novice or a seasoned teller wanting to expand your repertoire, you’ll have something new for your next storytime.

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