The Gingerbread Way Program

Target audience:

Professionals working in the Early Childhood Community (daycare providers, early childhood educators, library staff, special needs assistants)

What you’ll learn: 

This interactive workshop blends pedagogy and practice for professionals working with young children.  Participants discuss how rhymes, songs, fingerplays, books, and storytelling (oral, dramatic, and with props) support areas of child development, including those outlined in Flight: Alberta’s Early Learning and Care Framework.  They also learn new materials and practice presentation techniques to engage young children, up to 5yrs, and their families.  Participants who take Level 1, or who have experience presenting a variety of materials to children, may take Level 2 to further enhance their storytimes.  

Recommended reading:

“More Than Words: Using Nursery Rhymes and Songs to Support Domains of Child Development”. Click to view and download file.

The Gingerbread Way Online Workshops

The Gingerbread Way online workshops blend pedagogy and practice for those who work with young children, up to age 5, and their families.  Through a variety of learning activities, such as breakout-room exercises and group discussion, participants will:

1) Enrich their planning skills with a deeper understanding rhymes, songs, and stories and how they support areas of child development.

2) Learn oral storytelling and presentation strategies to engage children during storytime and throughout the day.

3) Select rhymes, songs, and stories that appeal to children of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and abilities.

4) Be introduced to resources to grow their skill sets and reflective practices.

Nursery Rhymes and Child Development (2 hours) introduces participants to several oral nursery rhymes, songs, fingerplays, and fingerpuppets, contextualizing them within domains of child development.  Through facilitator presentations, discussion, and small group exercises, they learn and practice new materials to use with children and families.  They also explore how to adapt them throughout the day for children of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and abilities.

Early Literacy & Books (2 hours) leads participants through the skills and knowledge that young children learn to prepare them for reading.  They review how children’s engagement with books supports developmental domains, such as emotions.  Through facilitator presentations, discussion, and small group exercises, participants also explore various strategies and activities to foster children’s early literacy skills, including finding the “just right” book for different ages, cultural backgrounds, and abilities.

Oral Storytelling Basics (2 hours) immerses participants in the experience of listening to traditional folktales told orally and/or with minimal props, such as sequencing cards. Through interactive and small group exercises, they practice visual, auditory, and kinesthetic story-learning techniques.  They also learn how oral storytelling supports a variety of developmental domains and how to adapt stories for children of different ages, cultural backgrounds, and abilities.

Participants who complete the above 3 workshops receive a Certificate of Completion for The Level 1 Gingerbread Way Program.

The Gingerbread Way Program: Level 2 (6 hrs instruction) – available in-person only

Review and deepen your understanding of oral rhymes, songs, fingerplays, finger puppets, books and oral storytelling within areas of child development.  Discuss your experiences, emerging questions and challenges. Broaden your oral storytelling and engagement skills, using dramatic techniques, props and felt boards. Plan how to use these new materials in specific early childhood education centres for diverse audiences. The day will cumulate with you planning and presenting a 15-20 minute story time. Participants receive a read-aloud picture, an accompanying felt board story and a resource guide.

Ginger Mullen, MA Children’s Literature
Storyteller, Educator and Workshop Facilitator
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The Gingerbread Way: Nurture Children’s Potential with Rhymes, Songs, and Stories

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