Curriculum-Based Storytelling Presentations

As an experienced performer, Ginger also offers curriculum/theme based storytelling presentations for schools, early child education settings and community events. 

Description of storytelling presentations for Young Alberta Book Society (Taleblazers)

Ginger will consult with teachers in order to tailor storytelling programs for children that supplement a variety of curricula and interactively engage with students in kindergarten through grade six. 

Subjects: Language Arts, Social Studies, Family and Personal Experience, Astronomy, Mythology, Urban Legends, Folklore/Folk Tales, Western Canada, Fiction, Multiculturalism, Character Development, Folk Tale Adaptation, Culture, Personal and Social Responsibility, Adventures with Nature and Animals, Geography, Creativity, Celtic Mythology, Oral Traditions, Literacy, Speaking, Listening, Reading, Rhymes, Story Composition, Storytelling, Canadian Children’s Literature, Empathy, Friendship, Social responsibility, Kindness, Heroes & Heroines, Stereotypes, Emotions

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