Publications and Presentations

Early Childhood

  • Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (April 2019) — More Than Words: Using Nursery Rhymes and Songs to Support Child Development
  • “More than Words: Using Nursery Rhymes and Songs to Support Domains of Child Development.” Journal of Childhood Studies, vo.2, no. 13, Sep 2017,
  • Cause and Effect Foundation (2016) — Daily Routines with Mother Goose
  • Marigold Library System Conference (2015) –The Gunniwolf and Other Tales for Joining In
  • Mount Royal University: Department of Child and Youth Studies (2012) — Storytelling for Young Children
  • Developmental Disabilities Association, Vancouver (2012) — Using Rhymes and Stories with Children with Special Needs: Speech, Emotional and Gross/ Fine Motor Benefits
  • Alberta Family Childcare Association Conference (2009) — Transitions with Mother Goose
  • Early Childhood Education Council Conference (2009) — The Gunniwolf and Other Tales from the Woods


  • “Snowgirl and the Chinook.” Tales on the Wind, produced by The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling, 2009. CD.
  • “Twa’ Sisters.” How Music Came to the World and Other Stories, produced by Vancouver Society of Storytelling and CBC, 2000. CD.
  • Storytellers of Canada National Conference (2017) — Of Tristan and Tam Lin: Two Tellers and Their Scholarly Ways
  • Mount Royal Education Undergraduate Society (2015) — Introduction to Storytelling
  • Kingston University, UK: After Grimm – Fairy Tales & the Art of Storytelling Conference (2012) — From “Three Spinning Women” to “Lazy Bridget”: Perspectives on Variants, Storytelling and Authenticity
  • University of British Columbia Faculty of Education (2012) and University of Calgary Faculty of Education (2011) — Why Tell Folktales? Storytelling in the Elementary School Classroom

Children’s Literature

  • “Creativity, ‘Oracy’ and Literacy: The Storyteller’s Magic.” Edited by Gillian O’Reilly, Canadian Children’s Book News, vol. 32, no.2, 2009, pp 10-15. Interview.
  • “Robin McKinley.” Continuum Encyclopedia of Young Adult Literature, edited by Bernice Cullinan, Continuum, 2005.
  • “The Mouse Bride,” “Stone Soup” and “Ruth’s Red Jacket.” What’ll I Do with the Baby-o? Nursery Rhymes, Song,s and Stories for Babies and Toddlers, by Jane Cobb, Blacksheep Press, 2007.
  • “The Transformations of ‘Tam Lin’: An Analysis of Folktale Picture Books.” The Looking Glass: New Perspectives on Children’s Literature, vol. 8, no. 3, 2 Sep 2004,
  • When Words Collide Academic Panel (2013) — “The Prince and the Tortoise”: Cross-Cultural Animal-Bride Motifs”
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